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Can Foods Increase a Male's Sex Drive?

By Kevin Rail ; Updated August 14, 2017

Over the course of time, a male's sex drive has a tendency to become lower. This is often a by-product of the aging process or it can be due to psychological or biological factors. To remedy this situation, there are dozens of supplements and herbal treatments available in health food stores, pharmacies and online that promise results. But there are actually ways of saving your money altogether by using food to increase your sex drive.

  1. Eat some bananas. Bananas are already known for being high in potassium and having a good supply of fiber, but they can also increase your sex drive because of a substance called bromelain which helps to boost libido.

  2. Have an avocado for lunch. Avocados are high in monounsaturated fats and like bananas, they are also high in potassium and vitamin B6, which can help increase the output of male hormones.

  3. Shell some oysters. Oysters can be eaten from the shell or they can also be found in cans. They have a couple of benefits when it comes to sex drive. Zinc helps to increase testosterone which is the male sex hormone and they also have dopamine, which is a libido booster.

  4. Stock up on almonds. Essential fatty acids are fats that the body cannot produce on its own but they are necessary for daily life. Almonds are rich an essential fat that can also help aid with the production of hormones.

  5. Eat some garlic. Although it may not give you very fresh breath, garlic can help increase your sex drive by supplying your sexual organs with an increase of blood flow. If you do not like the aftertaste, it also comes in supplement form.

  6. Increase your stamina with figs. Figs are a fruit that is high in fiber, has no fat and boasts a sweet taste. They can also boost your libido and increase your stamina. These can be found either fresh or dried.

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