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Vitamins for Liver Detox

By Amy Pellegrini ; Updated August 14, 2017

The liver is an organ in the body that plays an important role in digestion and storage of essential vitamins and minerals, such as iron, copper and vitamins A, B12, D, E and K, according to Through a series of chemical reactions, the liver helps detoxify harmful substances from the body. The liver removes bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites from the blood to help fight infections and poor health. Due to its many benefits, it is important to protect and detoxify the liver, which can be done through the use of various vitamins.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for the detoxification in the body, particularly in the liver, as antioxidants help cells neutralize free radicals that cause cellular damage according to Chet Day’s Health & Beyond. Vitamin C is water soluble and mainly found in skin. When antioxidants are low, energy is not available and proper detoxification cannot take place, so toxins accumulate until they can be processed. When there is not enough vitamin C in the body to process the toxins, liver function is compromised.

Vitamin B

According to, vitamin B in its various forms is an important antioxidant that protects the liver against free radicals. Vitamin B assists metabolic processes and effectively protects the liver against chemical toxins. Vitamin B-rich food sources, such as dark green leafy vegetables, mushrooms, asparagus and broccoli help our body breakdown sugars and fatty acids. Vitamin B6 detoxifies the liver by clearing formaldehyde and excessive homocysteine.

Vitamin B12, which is present in every cell, plays an important role in chemical balance and helps process fatty acids and amino acids. All fat-soluble toxic chemicals use vitamin B12 to detoxify by reducing reactions to sulfites and preservatives.

Beta -Carotene

Antioxidants help cleanse the liver when it is affected by free radicals according to an article by Anurag Ghosh on Bright Hub. Vegetables such as beets and carrots that contain beta-carotene help protect the liver against disease and other harmful toxins. Beta-carotene is the precursor of vitamin A, which is another powerful antioxidant, so proper intake of vitamin A is also beneficial for liver detoxification.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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