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How to Do an Alkaline Lemon Cleanse

Alkaline lemon cleanses have become increasingly popular as more individuals become aware of the health benefits of adopting an alkaline diet. According to George Wolverton M.D. of 21st Century Medicine, adults who convert and remain on an alkaline diet display increased rates of weight loss and fat-to-muscle conversion rates. They also benefit from increased cardiovascular health and immune function.

By eliminating or reducing certain acidic foods and substances from your diet and adopting an alkaline cleanse regimen of lemon water, you can balance your pH level while holistically cleansing your body 1.

Perform a home alkalinity test by gently laying a pH strip on your tongue. Wait one to three minutes, or for as long as directed in the product instructions, before removing the strip and comparing the color with the pH color scale that comes with the product. Write down the number of your acidity level before undergoing the lemon cleanse.

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Create a list of your weekly eating habits and identify any acidifying foods or substances with the help of an alkaline food chart such as the ones available at The Wolfe Clinic or Balance pH Diet websites 1. Curb or eliminate these acidifying foods from your diet for the duration of the alkaline lemon cleanse and replace them with alkaline foods such as whole grains and leafy greens.

Cut one lemon in half and squeeze the juice into a clean 32-oz. mason jar or drinking container. Use a juicer if you desire to make sure you are getting all of the lemon juice from the lemon halves.

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Fill the 32-oz mason jar with purified water and stir until all of the lemon juice has intermixed with the water. Measure ¼ to ½ tsp. of sea salt with a measuring spoon and add it to the lemon water. Stir until the lemon cleanse drink has been fully mixed.

Drink the lemon cleanse drink three times a day, preparing fresh lemon juice and salt for each portion. Drink your alkaline lemon cleanse drink immediately upon waking up and throughout the day whenever you feel thirsty or in need of hydration. Continue for 15 to 60 days as required and gauge your progress by performing a home alkalinity test every week using the pH strips.


Make smart choices when replacing foods and beverages that you normally consume. If you regularly eat large portions of red meat and meat products, ensure that you are getting your protein needs met by consuming high quantities of whole grains, spinach, tempeh and other high-protein whole foods.


If you feel your kidneys are stressed due to the amount of lemon cleanse drink you are consuming, reduce your serving to two 32-oz. containers per day. Consult your physician before undergoing any health regimen drastically different from your normal lifestyle.