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Can I Get a Body That Looks Like a Model?

Imagine yourself in the latest couture fashion as you strut your stuff down the runway. Your body is toned, tanned and tenacious. Getting that treasured shape that looks like a model doesn’t have to be a dream.

You can accomplish it with a smart eating plan, plenty of healthy exercise and a few tricks of the trade. Get started on creating your model body and you may be on your way to Bryant Park.

Establish a consistent workout plan. Visit your local gym or YMCA for information on body sculpting classes. If possible, hire a personal trainer who can design a fitness plan suited to your starting point and goals.

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Sneak in time to work on your model body 2. Utilize your breaks at work for jogs and calisthenics. Park at the far end of parking lots so you have to walk farther. Buy a miniature trampoline and bounce on it during your favorite television shows.

Wake up early to get a head start on fitness 1. Take the time to fix a healthy breakfast that will stay with you to help resist fattening temptations that may come up later in the day.

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Find a diet program based on whole organic foods that will satisfy you as you lose weight. Fresh vegetables, fish, lean poultry, skim milk and whole grains should make up the basics of your food plan.

Tone your muscles by lifting small weights and performing resistance exercises. Keep a record of the repetitions of bicep and triceps curls and lifts you do per session. Do pushups and leg lifts to work your lower body 2. Swim laps for overall body toning.

Make water your primary beverage. Try to drink at least a gallon a day. It is especially important to drink more prior to, during and after exercise sessions.

Consume lots of fiber to keep your digestive system moving. Fiber helps take the weight off to give you the slim silhouette models posses. High-fiber foods include dark greens, citrus fruits, beans and whole grain foods. Eat at least 25 grams per day of fiber.

Drink green tea at bedtime. The tea helps detoxify your body and acts to relax you. A healthy, cleaned-out system will improve the appearance of your skin and boost your confidence, which is essential for models.

Withstand cravings for fast food and junk. A craving generally lasts no more than 10 minutes. Distract yourself with a fun activity to help resist impulses to indulge.

Learn how to carry yourself as a model. Work on your posture, which will give your body a great look. Stand up tall, put your shoulders back and tuck in your stomach. Walk with ease with your chin up to complete the look.


Buy a new workout DVD or take a new exercise class to help keep you motivated when you've been working out for a long time. Take a small break now and then from diet and exercise. A little indulgence every once in a while is necessary to keep you from getting in a rut and ultimately sabotaging your goals.