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Can Certain Fruits Soothe Stomach Aches?

By William McCoy

When you have a stomach ache, it's tempting to crawl into a ball and hope the pain passes. A more proactive approach, however, is to seek out foods that can soothe the ache. Several types of food, including a couple fruits, can help reduce the discomfort and require next to no preparation.

Bananas and Apples

Following the BRAT diet, consisting of bananas, rice, apples and toast, can help alleviate the pain of a sore stomach. If you're determined to stick to fruits, opt for a banana or some applesauce. The bland nature of these foods is ideal for calming the stomach. Bananas are also a valuable source of potassium, which is beneficial if you're dehydrated from diarrhea or throwing up, while the pectin in apples can help if you're constipated. Avoid spicy, fatty foods, and call your doctor if the pain doesn't improve in less than 48 hours.

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