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Khloe Kardashian Reveals Why She's Worn a Weave for 15 Years

By Paige Brettingen ; Updated February 26, 2018

Khloe Kardashian is opening up about why she’s worn a weave for well over a decade — and it’s related to the death of her father, Robert Kardashian.

In a recent post on her website Khloe with a K, the reality star revealed she’s been wearing weaves for the past 15 years due to hair loss following Robert’s death in 2003. She credits hair expert Maisha Oliver (whom Kardashian has nicknamed “Weave Queen”) with saving her hair and limiting the damage that might come with hair extensions.

“After my dad died and I lost the majority of my hair, Maisha made me these great weaves to conserve the hair I still had and help it get healthy again,” Kardashian wrote. “My natural long hair is protected underneath it all.”

Robert Kardashian, who is also the father of Kim, Kourtney and Rob Kardashian, died of esophageal cancer at just 59 years old. Khloe was a teenager at the time, and the shock and grief of his passing caused her hair to fall out.

This is not an unusual occurrence. Traumatic experiences can contribute to a type of hair loss called telogen effluvium, which occurs when the body shifts nutrients away from hair follicles so that more vital organs will receive nourishment. This causes the hair follicles to die, resulting in hair loss.

This condition typically lasts for about a year — which, as anyone who’s experienced it knows, can seem endless. But there are some ways to speed up the hair-regrowth process. Being vigilant about nutrition, for example, can be a boon to hair growth by increasing intake of iron, protein, selenium and zinc (leafy greens and cereal grains are two good sources of these nutrients). Stress-reduction practices, especially exercise, can also be beneficial because they prevent hormones from becoming imbalanced and tricking your immune system to attack the hair roots. With these techniques, hair can return to normal within three to four months.

So focus on your health, and if wearing weaves or hair extensions as Kardashian does makes you feel better, go for it!

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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