Which Golf Clubs Should Be Used for Pitch & Putt?

Pitch and putt is a game in its own right, although many golfers use it as a means of practicing their short game, particularly their putting techniques. A pitch and putt course is much smaller than a full-size golf course, and with only about 80 to 120 yards between holes, players don't need the clubs required for distance shots. At a minimum, two clubs are required -- a pitching wedge and a putter -- but some players may use up to four.

The Correct Clubs

A full swing with a pitching wedge gives you a distance of 90 to 120 yards, and with an easy swing you can cover up 40 yards. You can also use this club to get you out of the rough. Some players prefer to use an 8-iron or a 9-iron instead of a pitching wedge, and a sand wedge is sometimes recommended. According to Murdo Frazer Golf Club, anything lower than a 7-iron will make your shots too long for pitch and putt. You'll also need a putter, of course.