The Best Weight Loss Apps

Whether you are an iOS or Android user, you'll find a wealth of weight loss help in both the iTunes store and the Google Playstore 12. The great news is that most of the top user-rated apps are free. Even the big brand names like Weight Watchers and Nike have free apps to help you win the battle of the bulge 2.

Setting Goals and Making Plans

Look for the free apps that help you set your target weight goal 2. A Body Mass Index, or BMI, calculator such as BMI Calculator -- Ideal Weight will tell you where you are now and where you need to be so that your weight is in the healthy range for your age and gender. Get yourself a personal trainer and chef, just like celebrities have, at Diet Assistant -- Weight Loss 2. This free app will create personalized diet plans, including grocery shopping lists, nutritional facts and a host of diet tips. If you want to count your calories, track your calories burned and share your success stories via social media function, then Calorie Counter and Diet Tracker is the app for you.

Losing and Moving

Exercise plays an important role in weight loss, and here again there are some fabulous free apps 2. If you need motivation, then Noom Weight Loss Coach is like having a free life coach 2. This app gives you personalized daily tasks to do and exercise reminders among other functions. Runkeeper tracks your exercise, monitors your pace and creates a fitness log. Some of these apps, such as Endomondo, have communities of users in the millions and provide a function where you can interact with other users and set challenges for each other.