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Are There Herbs to Make Breasts Bigger?

By Nina K.

The Internet is rife with herbal supplements claiming to increase your bust size, but not one has been proved effective, according to New York University Langone Medical Center. What's more, using these products could put you at risk of side effects or allergic reactions, possibly jeopardizing your health. You've probably heard this before, but it still rings true: Breasts of any size are beautiful and attractive to men.

Your Cup Won't Runneth Over

Some supplements purport to increase bust size by altering hormone levels. Herbs like alfalfa and red clover are said to boost estrogen levels, while chasteberry and others are purported to raise progesterone levels. While increasing these hormones could affect bust size, there's no evidence that taking these herbs would have the desired effect -- and in some cases, you'd have to take dangerously large amounts to see a difference, anyway. Other herbs, such as saw palmetto, are used to treat feminine conditions like nursing problems and are erroneously hawked as bust-enhancers. If you decide to try an herbal supplement, speak to your doctor first and report any other medications you may be taking. Some herbs can cause dangerous interactions.

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