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10 Quick Ways to Build Self-Confidence

By Karen Hellesvig-Gaskell ; Updated June 13, 2017

A self-confident person has faith in himself and his abilities while at the same time having realistic expectations, according to the University of Illinois. A self-confident person can set fear aside and take a chance while someone who lacks self-confidence may stay on the sidelines out of fear of failing. A few simple behavioral changes in your daily life may help give your self-confidence an immediate boost.

Good Posture

People who stand tall and confident are more attractive, according to Zen As you psych yourself up for an important event like a big meeting at work or a first date hold your head high and stand tall with your weight evenly balanced over each foot. Appearing self-confident can make you feel self-confident.

Speak Deliberately

A person who is self-confident is apt to speak slowly because she believes what she has to say matters. A person who feels that he isn’t worth listening to may be prone to speaking quickly out of concern that he's wasting the listener's time. Making the decision to speak at a slower pace can give your self-confidence a quick lift.


Greeting people with a smile can make you appear more confident to others as well as to yourself. Smiling can improve your mood. Keeping your eyes focused on the person you are smiling at is a sign of self-assurance, according to

Help Someone Else

Focusing on the needs of someone else can give your self-confidence an immediate shot in the arm. A simple split-second act of kindness such as opening a door for someone or allowing another to go ahead of you in a long line at the checkout can make you feel better about yourself.


Taking time out to take care for your body sends a message that you are worth taking care of. Regular exercise such as going for a walk can make you feel better about yourself, according to Psychology Today.

Be Honest

Being truthful can enhance your self-confidence. Telling lies can add to feelings of low self-worth, according to Zen Choosing honesty in your day-to-day interactions may help you feel better about yourself.

"A" For Effort

Give yourself a pat on the pack whenever you make an effort, regardless of the outcome. If your attempts were unsuccessful, understand that it's only natural to have limitations in certain areas.

Stand Up For Yourself

Take a step back when you expect perfection from yourself. Remind yourself that human perfection is an oxymoron. A more realistic way of thinking can improve your self-confidence as you forge ahead to improve.

Note Your Strengths

Positive affirmations can give your self-confident a quick lift. Take a few moments to write down several things you like about yourself . Refer to your list whenever negative self-talk tries to take hold.

Spruce Up

The simple acts of taking a shower, shaving or taking a few extra minutes styling your hair can be sure-fire ways to increase self-confidence in a flash, according to Zen Dressing nicely can be as simple as wearing clean and pressed casual wear.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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