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What Are the Benefits of Staying Sober?

By Tammy Dray ; Updated August 14, 2017

Alcohol addiction can bring about a number of changes in your life. For those battling to stay sober, sometimes the temptation to have “just one drink” is so powerful that it may obscure everything else. While recovery programs and therapy are essential for recovery, it might also help you if can come up with a list of reasons to stay sober. When you feel like slipping, remembering why you stopped drinking in the first place can be a powerful ally.

Mental Clarity

Alcohol abuse brings about a mix of emotions that can be confusing, moving you from anger to hopelessness to short-lived euphoria. Staying sober, however, allows you to live a more balanced life, where you are in better control of your emotions. According to Barton Goldsmith, Ph.D., in a 2009 "Psychology Today Magazine," you will like yourself better once you’re sober and be able to focus on your dreams and goals.

Drinking problems can also be tough on family members, according to the Help Guide website. Loved ones are often forced to take on the burden of covering for you or trying to fix situations you have caused. Staying sober cannot only benefit you, but it might also improve your relationship with your loved ones, as you will be able to make your own decisions and take responsibility for them.

Financial Stability

One aspect you regain while sober is the ability to regain control over your finances, according to the eHealth MD website. This means you are less likely to forget to pay bills (or to misplace them). It also means you are less likely to overspend, because you can’t remember if you already bought an item you needed. Or, simply because when you drink, you likely don’t care about money.

According to the eHealth MD website, staying sober might also help you keep your job. People who drink excessively often have problems at work, such as arriving late and not completing assignments or making serious mistakes. In some cases, this can lead to job loss. Alcoholics are also likely to have other additional expenses, such as medical costs and even driving or car fines, that are directly related to their drinking.


Alcohol abuse can cause a myriad of health problems. Some are short-term and will likely go away if you stay sober. Examples include headaches, insomnia and lack of coordination. Other symptoms are more serious and can cause long-term problems. Even if you’ve been a heavy drinker, stopping right now and making a commitment to sobriety can prevent your body from further damage. Likely problems for those who keep drinking include liver damage, heart disease, kidney and stomach problems and impotence in men, according to the eHealth MD website. Mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety, memory loss and mood swings, are also associated with excessive drinking.

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