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How to Get Subutex

By Lysis ; Updated October 25, 2017

Subutex is a medication for opioid addicts to help them avoid withdrawal symptoms and fend off the cravings of future use. The active component in Subutex is buprenorphine, which is an opioid agonist that attaches to pain receptors. The buprenorphine attaches to pain receptors tighter than opioids, so it blocks the harmful drug and alleviates cravings. Obtaining Subutex is dependent on the addict’s desire to quit drug addiction, but there are several steps to obtaining help.

Decide what type of treatment you need. For some people, drug abuse treatment is better in an outpatient facility. The reason for outpatient treatment is the patient is surrounded with counselors and other patients recovering from drug and alcohol abuse. You can also choose to schedule daily appointments to have Subutex given while you remain at home.

Determine if insurance pays for the prescription. For some insurance coverage, Subutex is covered under the policy for drug abuse. In some cases, Subutex is covered by Medicare and Medicaid.

Find a doctor. The U.S. department of health provides a list of doctors who prescribe Subutex. Several doctors provide services across the United States through the government website at buprenorphine.samhsa.gov.

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