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Pressure Points in the Body to Relieve Pain

By Denise Stern ; Updated August 14, 2017

Pressure points in the body offer practitioners of a medical form of treatment known as acupressure the ability to relieve pain for many individuals, states Acupressure has been used for generations to treat pain. Similar to acupuncture, except without the needles, acupressure utilizes the same meridians and pressure points employed in acupuncture.


A pressure point between the eyes is known for relieving pain caused by eye strain and headache. This pressure point, also known as Yin Tang, is found between the eyebrows at the dip of the area where the nasal bone connects to the forehead. By placing the tip of the thumb or index finger into this point and gently stroking upward for about a minute, you may relieve the pain of tension headaches and eye strain, states


Many people experience neck pain and tension from sitting behind desks at a computer all day. An effective pressure point to relieve pain in the neck is to manipulate a fleshy point found on the hand, suggests This pressure point is found just at the "V" created by the index and middle finger of each hand, just below the knuckle on the back of the hand. Squeezing this point with a thumb on top and the index finger pressing upward from the palm side for a minute or two should provide some relief from neck strain.

Palm of the Hand

A number of pressure points found on the palm of the hand can be manipulated with a fingertip, thumb or the rounded edge of a paperclip to provide pain relief, states For example, a point found almost directly in the middle of the palm along the crease can be pressed to help relieve stomach pain. A pressure point found at the base of the thumb, directly below the middle finger, can be manipulated to help relieve lower abdominal pain such as cramps.

Lower Leg

The lower leg offers a variety of pressure points for pain relief. Press behind the knee to help relieve knee pain, or into the meat of the top of the calf muscle to help relieve stiffness in the legs. Press the point just beneath the ankle joint to help relieve pain in the lower back, or press into the skin at the base at the joint of the big and second toe to help relieve migraine pain, suggests

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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