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Siberian Ginseng Benefits

By August McLaughlin

Siberian ginseng is a plant used throughout history in China and Russia. As an herbal remedy, the root of Siberian ginseng is known to stimulate the immune system, increase energy and reduce fatigue. Supplements are available in liquid and solid extracts, powders, capsules, tablets and tea form. Up to 25 percent of Siberian ginseng supplements sold in the United States do not contain the herb, and it can pose side effects. For these reasons, pharmacist and doctor guidance is recommended.

Immune System Support

Siberian ginseng can stimulate the body's immune system, helping to prevent and treat viruses, infection and disease. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, when taken with andrographis, Siberian ginseng may help reduce the intensity and length of the common cold. The same plant combination may help alleviate flu symptoms. Siberian ginseng may also improve general immune system function in people who take the extract form regularly. Since drowsiness is a potential side effect of Siberian ginseng, taking it with cold or flu medications with similar effects may exacerbate drowsiness. In these cases, the supplement is best taken when you have ample time and ability to rest and with your doctor's approval.

Stress Relief

Siberian ginseng is known for its anti-stress capabilities. According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, the plant is believed to strengthen the body's ability to cope with stress, which may also prevent stress-related medical conditions such as heartburn, upset stomach and tension headaches. Since the herb may enhance calmness, some partakers claim to attain improved quality of life. People who struggle with mild or occasional anxiety, nervousness or hyperactivity may benefit from these stress-reducing properties. Siberian ginseng is not, however, recommended as a treatment for psychological conditions such as anxiety disorder or depression. Since warm beverages can also enhance calmness, Siberian ginseng in tea form may prove particularly useful in enhancing relaxation.

Fatigue Relief

People who experience mild to moderate fatigue due to illness, insufficient sleep or emotional problems may benefit from Siberian ginseng. According to research published in "Chinese Medicine" in October 2009, Siberian ginseng leaf and stem extract led to significantly reduced fatigue in animals and led to increased physical activity capabilities. Researchers suspect similar benefits in humans and suggest that the plant extract may improve protein synthesis and muscle growth, which could further reduce fatigue.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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