Natural Anti Nausea Remedies

A sick, nauseated feeling can ruin any day. And sometimes, you may feel so awful that you don’t even want to try driving to the pharmacy for something to settle your stomach. If this happens, you can rely on several natural remedies to give you relief from a queasy stomach.

Is This an Emergency?

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Chewing ginger root can help relieve your nausea. You can also steep the root and make a tea that helps to calm your stomach, according to Home Remedies and Natural Cures 1. Ginger’s action in blocking the serotonin receptors responsible for causing nausea can help reduce your symptoms, according to the Life123 website. Life123 also states that ginger helps to increase blood flow to your digestive system, which can help alleviate your symptoms. You can find ginger in soda, tea, candy, popsicles and pills. If you opt to take the pill, you can take as much as eight 500 mg capsules a day, according to the Life123 website. Take only as many capsules as you need to get relief.

Soda Crackers and Baking Soda

Eating something light like soda crackers when you’re feeling nauseated can help ease your discomfort. Soda crackers help introduce sodium into your system, which can reduce your stomach acid. Try eating a cracker every 15 minutes until your stomach settles down, according to the Life123 website.

Dissolve one-half tsp. baking soda into four oz. of water . The baking soda acts as a mouth rinse if you don’t drink it. If you do choose to drink the baking soda and water, this neutralizes the stomach acid you’re experiencing, according to the Life123 website.


Peppermint, alfalfa, chamomile or catnip tea can help reduce your nausea, according to Life123. These herbs have been in use for several centuries and are gentle, safe remedies you can use in moderation. However, steer clear of comfrey tea--although it’s been recommended as a natural anti-nausea remedy, it’s not as gentle and might be toxic to your liver, according to the Life123 website.

Rice Water

Boil dry rice in water and when the rice has cooked, pour the water into a glass and allow it to cool. To gain relief from your nausea, drink the rice water, according to the Home Remedies and Natural Cures website 1.

Plain Water

Drink a glass of plain water. Make sure it’s not icy cold, but room temperature. As a clear liquid, it’ll help settle your stomach, especially if you squeeze fresh lemon juice into it, according to the Home Remedies and Natural Cures website 1.