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Why Do Players Tape the Blade of a Hockey Stick?

By Sari Hardyal

Wrapping hockey tape around the blade of the stick is common among hockey players of all skill levels. The reasons people give for wrapping the blade range from helping the player control the puck to protecting the stick. Taping methods vary from player to player, but all are geared toward improving the game.

Puck Control

Taping the blade of a hockey stick causes more friction between the puck and the stick, which allows the player better control of the puck. Without the tape, the blade would become wet and slippery, causing the puck to slide off the blade. The additional friction also helps create spin when shooting the puck, which helps the puck's stability when flying through the air.


Hockey tape is available in a variety of colors and patterns. Many hockey players prefer to use black tape on the stick blade because it causes the puck to blend in, making it more difficult for the opponent to see the puck.

Stick Preservation

Taping the stick blade creates a barrier between the ice and the blade. This prolongs the life of a wooden stick by not allowing the stick to absorb water from any melting ice. The tape also helps prevent chipping and splintering of both wooden and composite blades.

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