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Homeopathic Sore Throat Remedies

By Melanie Grimes ; Updated August 14, 2017

Homeopathic remedies are sold over-the-counter to treat many acute illnesses, such as sore throats. Homeopathy treats the whole person and the constitution, or underlying cause of a disease. The University of Michigan explains that users should select a homeopathic remedy by matching the specific individual symptoms to the remedies. The University of Minnesota explains that homeopathic remedies assist the natural ability of the body to heal faster. Please make sure to consult your physician before attempting homeopathic remedies at home.


For acute disease, repeat doses of 6c potency every half hour. When symptoms improve, stop taking the remedy and only repeat when symptoms return. Homeopathy does not suppress symptoms, and they are not preventative, so it is important not to take the remedy when you are feeling well. Only take a dose of homeopathic remedy when the symptoms of the disease match the remedy picture, ie a red sore throat in Belladonna. Low potency acute remedies are sold in many health food stores in potencies labeled 6c or 30c. Both of these potencies will work for treating sore throats.


According to "Farrington's Homeopathy", Belladonna treats sore throats when there is a great deal of redness, inflammation and pain. Belladonna is made from the deadly nightshade plant. The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends Belladonna for sore throats that have a sudden onset. The person may feel a constriction or tightness in the throat as well.


Homeopathic Sulphur proves a good remedy for sore throats when burning and dryness occur in the throat, along with difficulty swallowing, according the "Kent's Materia Medica". Sulphur can also treat tonsillitis. Sulphur is made from the element sulfur.


The University of Maryland Medical Center recommends homeopathic Aconite to treat a sore throat that comes on after exposure to cold wind. The symptoms for those needing Aconite may also accompany high fever and a great thirst. The remedy works best when given in the first 24 hours of the fever.


Homeopathic Mercury or Mercurius treats sore throats that have pain and fever and weakness. Typical of those needing Mercury is pus or bad breath. Another indication for Mercury includes a sensitivity to both hot and cold and sweating or perspiring at night.


If symptoms persist, contact a homeopathic or medical professional.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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