A Babysitter Checklist for a Newborn

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Leaving your newborn with a babysitter isn’t easy, but sometimes work or a social engagement make it a necessity. Besides making sure your babysitter is experienced, well-trained and has an understanding of basic babysitting safety, you’ll want to leave a checklist of vital information to rely on in case of emergency or other unexpected situations.

Emergency Information

In case of emergency, you’ll want your babysitter to have all the information on hand she’ll need to proceed safely and correctly. Musts are emergency contacts, such as the hospital address and directions, your cell phone number, and a separate emergency contact in case you aren’t reachable. Also include the number to poison control in case the baby somehow ingests something dangerous. Additionally, include some basic first aid and infant CPR information with your checklist for the babysitter’s reference. Write down the names and phone numbers of your neighbors in case the babysitter gets locked out or has a similar problem, as well as detailed information on where you will be, including addresses, phone numbers and the time you will return.

Feeding Instructions

Feeding an infant properly is key to adequate growth and development. Leave your babysitter specific instructions on what your baby can eat, how to prepare it -- such as making sure it's not too hot -- how much to give her and when to feed her to make sure she's getting enough. Add detail to your instructions to ensure that your newborn gets the proper nourishment while you're away from home.


If you're going out late, leave your babysitter instructions on how to properly put your baby to bed. You can provide details on what kind and how much clothing to put on him before bed, what time is a good time to put him down, and what items to put and not put in the crib with him. For instance, making sure no toys or stuffed animals are in the crib since these can cause a suffocation risk.

Other Information

Newborns need a high degree of care and attention, and it takes a lot of equipment to make sure they're taken care of right. As part of your checklist, let your sitter know how to locate all the items she might need to take proper care of your newborn. This can include sanitary items such as diapers, wipes or cleaning supplies. This can also include extra clothing in case the baby soils her clothes. If the baby needs a bath while you're gone, you'll want to leave instructions on how to properly do so, including where all of baby's bath supplies are and how to make sure the water temperature is safe.