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Caffeinated Bagels Mean You Can Now Skip Your Morning Coffee

Late risers, listen up! You’ll never have to skip your morning caffeine fix again — help has arrived. According to an article in the New York Post, caffeinated bagels are here and poised to help you multitask the hell out of your mornings.

Einstein Bros. Bagels just announced the debut of the Espresso Buzz Bagel, reportedly the world’s first coffee bagel. And get this: Each bagel is infused with a butt-kicking 32 milligrams of caffeine — one third of what’s in an eight-ounce cup of coffee.

But how’d they get all that caffeine in there? By using a combination of espresso and coffee-cherry flour, of course.

It’s bound to be a hit: According to the National Coffee Association’s 2017 National Coffee Drinking Trends report, more people are drinking coffee than ever, with 62 percent of consumers reporting that they’ve consumed a coffee drink within the past day — up five points from last year. And people are going crazy for coffee-flavored foods. Now you can get everything from mocha-crusted almonds to Kona coffee gum.

With the advent of the Espresso Buzz Bagel, it’s shaping up to be great month for coffee consumers. As we reported last week, a new study claims that it’s safe for the average adult to guzzle down 400 milligrams of caffeine in a 24-hour period, giving you the OK to reach for that second (or third) cup.

This is awesome news not just because coffee is delicious, but also because there’s a lot of research out there touting its benefits. One study from Southampton University says that consuming coffee might help to reverse liver damage from booze. Another study claims that coffee can ease depression in some women and protect against Type 2 diabetes. And yet another study found it can boost longevity.

But the benefits of this groundbreaking breakfast bagel don’t stop at the coffee. Cocoa adds a filling 13 grams of protein to the treat, so you can hold the eggs.

It also has three grams of sugar, two-and-a-half grams of fat and 230 calories. If eaten alone or with some reduced-fat cream cheese (or a schmear, as Einstein Bros. Bagels calls it), it’s not a bad breakfast option.

So get your Espresso Buzz Bagel on! Just be careful not to eat too many in one sitting: That could leave you full and jittery.