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How to Meditate Your Way to a Fit Bod in 2017

By Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott ; Updated August 14, 2017

With the New Year approaching, it’s the perfect time to re-evaluate your goals and set intentions for 2017. For a lot of us, our resolutions will include getting and staying healthy. This year, however, you won’t have to do all that goal-getting on your own.

Working out and eating lean, clean and green are the most important factors in helping you reach your #fitgoals. But there’s something else you can do to significantly boost your results: meditation. This calming exercise can produce a number of healthy benefits that will help to propel you toward your health and fitness goals.

Say Goodbye to Belly Fat

Sitting quietly, closing your eyes, taking deep breaths, and clearing your mind can help to eliminate that stubborn pudge around your midsection. Studies show that meditation can significantly lower levels of cortisol, a hormone associated with stress and belly fat. Therefore, decreasing cortisol through meditation can actually help tone your tummy.

Resolve Your Daily Intentions

We also use meditation to help set our intentions for the day. When you approach your day with intention, you’re better equipped to understand your goals and what you have to do to achieve them.

To create an affirmation, you might say to yourself: “I am strong with a killer booty!” or “I am an amazing long distance runner.” Daily, actionable intentions sound like: “Today, I am going to stick to my Tone It Up Nutrition Plan guidelines” or “Today, I am going to do 50 pushups for sexy, sleek arms.” This helps focus your goals by breaking them down into achievable, actionable objectives.

How to Do It

If you haven’t meditated before, it’s easier than you think! First, go into a quiet room free from distractions and sit on a soft, comfortable surface or pillow. Turn your phone on “do not disturb,” or just leave it in the other room. Close your eyes and set your intention. Now, take a few deep breaths in and out. Imagine the air filling your lungs, then slowly let it out.

If thoughts enter your mind, return your focus to your breath. Continue for as long as you can. You can start with just a few minutes and work your way up to 10 or 20 minutes. Daily meditation works best for achieving a calmer mind and a toned bod, but don’t stress if you miss a day or two. Work meditation in when you can.

Need Some Extra Motivation?

Get pumped because we’re launching the brand new Tone It Up Challenge on January 1st. We’ll be sharing free workouts on our Daily Workout page to get you a tight tush, strong core and sleek arms. Join the entire #TIUteam for a KILLER start to the new year!

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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