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Would You Want Google Monitoring Your Toilet?

Yeah, we're not sure either. While Google’s next home innovation might be another stroke of genius or even a potential lifesaver, it also sounds a little... intimate.

The "non-invasive" health technology would use sensors stashed all over your bathroom (from bathmat to mirror) that would record your body’s heartbeat and electrical behavior, giving you live feedback on your heart health. But could it be at the expense of your privacy (or your private parts)? For example, a camera hidden in the mirror would track your skin color variations .

Supposedly, the technology would provide consistent data so you can track if your heart is healthy or worsening. Which, in turn, could give you the opportunity to catch health problems early and change course if necessary. The invention sounds like it could be a real win for taking your health into your own hands—or maybe we should say the hands of a Google engineer.

The patent published today does give an illustration of how the technology would work. A sensor on the toilet seat or bathmat would record your heart health by measuring your body’s electrical current, and in the bathtub sensors would perform a form of an “echo test” which examines how blood flows through the heart.

What’s more, Google claims the high-tech sensory would give health data that would be more valuable than what a doctor’s office or hospital could provide (let's hope there are certified doctors on the other end of this). Whether the patent will eventually make its way into homes remains to be unseen, but if it does, would this be something you'd allow in your home?

What Do YOU Think?

Does Google's new patent make you feel uneasy? Considering the technology could save you trips to the doctor's office, would you try it? How would you feel if it extended into the bedroom? What are some ways that you regulate your heart health?

  • Does Google's new patent make you feel uneasy?
  • How would you feel if it extended into the bedroom?