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This Fitness Trend Means Parents Don't Have Excuses Anymore

Busy moms and dads, you can no longer use your kids as an excuse to not work out.

More and more, we've been seeing parents incorporating their toddlers into their fitness routines to get the best of both worlds: a strong body and a strong bond with their kids.

Dad Brent Kruithof created a program he calls "Flyup Fitness" so that he could spend more time with his sons:

Train your kids to have healthy habits with a FAMILY workout at home!

Posted by FLYUP FITNESS on Monday, March 14, 2016

Not everyone is a fan of the trend, however. Facebook poster Eva Auad commented on Upworthy's video of Kruithof and family:

"Its not good for little ones to 'work out'. they should just play. their bodies arent ready for training. its ridiculous to even consider this, in my eyes. And this is about Working Out, right? And i think its not right. Stop bringing children into grown up world. Let em be.

Let em play. This is enforcing stuff upon them whether you like to hear it or not."

Fitness blogger and former gymnast Melanie Darnell, who regularly posts videos of her working out with her toddler son Sage and baby daughter Olive on Instagram, caught flak for doing a "fun crib workout" as Olive played below.

Many responded with awe and admiration, but a few feared for the child.

"All it takes is half of a second, one time, for a hand or foot to slip, and you to fall on your child," user stephcraft09 said.

"It doesn't matter what your skill or training level is... That's why it's called an accident.

It can happen to anyone.

The fact that you would disregard your child's safety so callously is shocking. CPS should pay you a visit."

Darnell told People that she doesn't encourage social media followers to perform the same feats.

"It makes me a little bit sad, with people thinking that I'm putting my child in danger," Darnell said. "But in my opinion, I'm not. I'm taking precautions.

I know my skill set.

I know what I'm safely capable of performing.

My child's safety is always my no. 1 concern."

Pregnant mommy Kristy Ardo said in a recent post that her son Tucker encourages her to keep fit:

"Tucker forcing me to get my workout in today using my @lebertfitness bars💪🏼 He loves doing planks- and my new thing is to do an exercise as long as he planks! #38weeks prego and I am feeling soo stiff and tired. The last few weeks of pregnancy are so tough. Uncomfortable ➕ 115 degree heat👉🏼Cranky 😜 Counting down the days!!!"

Mother of four Jennifer Gelman gets creative, using skateboards, park benches and even her child's stroller to ensure she gets a daily workout. The former special education teacher and professor told that she calls her workout "BWMC," which stands for "Baby, Where's My Coffee," a phrase that recurred frequently as she rushed around in the morning, getting her kids ready for the day 1.

Unsurprisingly, former Cirque de Soleil performer Gaukhar Akhmetova-Atherton is one of the most flexible of these fit parents. "Being a mother is learning about strengths you didn't know you had," she said in one June 2016 post.

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