What to Engrave on a Heart Locket for a Daughter?

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Engraving a special little love note on your daughter's heart locket is an ideal way to personalize her gift. Lockets are usually made of sturdy metal, so they can last a lifetime when treated with care. Choose engraved words carefully so they are meaningful to your daughter and make her feel special.

Princess-Inspired Phrases

Young girls often read fairy tales about ordinary women or teenagers who turn into princesses, so the title "Princess" carries a sentimental meaning. It's a feminine title that often makes daughters feel special and important. Consider engraving phrases such as "My Little Princess," "Daddy's Princess" or "To our beautiful Princess," on a heart locket. Princess-inspired engravings are ideal if your daughter still lives at home and hasn't entered adulthood, or if you called her by that name when she was young.

Forever Engravings

A young daughter eventually grows up to be an adult, so locket engravings that focus on eternal love are still meaningful years after the locket is received. Eternal phrases, such as "A daughter is forever," "Forever in our hearts" or "Forever your parents," show a child that your love is everlasting and unconditional. Sayings that express your eternal love are ideal for birthdays, graduations and holidays because they show your daughter that she'll always be special even with the passing of time.

Sayings About Hearts

When you give your daughter a heart-shaped locket, engravings that include the word "heart" are fitting for the occasion. "You are the joy in my heart," You will always have a piece of my heart" or "Always close to your heart," are inspirational expressions of love, according to the Locket Warehouse website. Even though couples often use heart-inspired sayings to express their love, parents can also use these phrases to showcase their heartfelt love for a daughter.

Personalized Love Notes

Engrave a saying that is specifically geared toward your daughter's interests. "To our little cheerleader," "Your music brightens our world" or "Our favorite all-star," are expressions that show your love and support for your daughter's hobbies. Famous quotes, song lyrics and religious sayings are also special ways to express your love, but most need to be shortened to fit on a heart locket. "Sunshine of our lives," "Apple of my eye" and "Butterfly Kisses," are memorable engravings that express your love.