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How to Make a Doll Baby Birth Certificate

By Victoria Georgoff ; Updated June 13, 2017

Whether your child has a beloved doll that she carries with her everywhere, or is about to get a brand new doll as a gift, a baby doll birth certificate is a unique keepsake for her cherished friend. A pretend certificate is simple to make on the computer or by hand to present to your child or made together as a craft project.

Making a Certificate on the Computer

Open a word processing document. Change the orientation of the paper from portrait to landscape so that the printed certificate will be wider than it is tall. In Microsoft Word this is done by clicking “File | Page Setup | Margins | Landscape | OK."

Select a fancy font such as “Lucinda Calligraphy” or your preferred font. Be sure to make the font a large size so it is easy to read. A font size 36 or greater would work best.

Click the “Center Text” icon located on the tool bar. Type the following heading -- you may want this font to be bigger than the rest so it stands out -- “Birth Certificate of.” Click “Enter” twice to create a space between the heading and the body of the certificate. Make the font size smaller and type the following, with a colon after each entry, and hitting return after each line: the name of the baby doll, the day of birth or adoption, time of birth, parent (name of your child), length and weight (of the doll), "born in" (your child's address) and signature. Underline the words after each colon to make it look more like a real form.

Save the certificate on your computer so you can make additional copies as needed. Print the finalized copy off.

Add an official seal using a sticker or stamp to authenticate the certificate. Instruct your child to write her name on the signature line. If she is very young, you can print her name for her.

Making a Certificate by Hand

Use a piece of computer or construction paper for the certificate; write “Certificate of Birth” across the top of the page in marker or pen.

Write the following information under the heading: the name of the baby doll, the day of birth or adoption, time of birth, parent (name of your child), length and weight (of the doll), "born in" (your child's address) and signature. Use a ruler to make sure that each line is straight.

Add a sticker, stamp or draw a seal on the bottom of the certificate to make it look official. Your child can also decorate or embellish the certificate to make it more personal. Take a picture of your child holding the doll and tape it on the front of the certificate to capture the memory of your child and her doll.


To make the certificate even more special, consider using your child’s birth stats such as height, weight, birth-date and time on the certificate.

Your word processor may have a certificate template that already formatted so you just need to type in the information you want it to have.

Get creative with the design of the certificate. You can play with the fonts, size and spacing of the information until you get the look you desire. You could even change the font color to be your child’s favorite color.

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