Games That Teenagers & Adults Can Play at a Birthday Party

While many teens have birthday parties that only include their friends, others might make their parties more family-oriented, including adult relatives or parents of their friends. These parties often end up with the teens doing their own thing, playing party games, and the adults socializing amongst themselves. Why should the teens have all the fun? Instead of chatting over the barbecue grill, plan to incorporate at least a few games that both adults and teens can play that require both groups to interact with each other in a positive way.

Ice Breaker Games

Get the parents and teens interacting by starting with a few ice breakers. Pair off adults and kids randomly by numbers for silent interviews. The pairs must interview each other and learn three facts about each other. However, the person being interviewed cannot answer the questions verbally. Instead, he can only use hand gestures and body movements, and the interviewer has to guess what he is trying to say, similar to charades. The team that gives the most accurate interviews wins. Another game to play is "two truths and a lie." The adults write down two true things and one lie about themselves. It should be things that their child in attendance might not know, so it won't be too easy for the teens, who must try to guess which is the lie. Repeat the game with the adults guessing.

Trivia Games

Play trivia games with the parents versus the teens. You could have a trivia game in which the teens have to answer questions from the era that the adults grew up in, and the adults have to answer questions related to modern teens. You could also have a challenge to see if the adults remember the school lessons that the teens are currently learning in high school. Have categories for common subjects like English, history, math and science.

Scavenger Hunts

If the adults at the party are parents of the teens, send parent and child teams on a birthday-themed scavenger hunt around town. Give teams one hour and a list of birthday-related items to collect from local businesses, such as a birthday candle and a birthday hat. It can also include a list of tasks they must complete. For example, you could include a requirement to record a stranger singing happy birthday to the birthday person on a cell phone. Alternately, you can hide birthday items around the party site and have the teams race to find as many items as possible.

Field Games

If your teen is having a birthday part at a park, or if you have a large backyard, plan relay races and obstacle courses. You can put guests in groups such as teens versus adults, pair parents and their teens up, or put people together in random mixed teams. Plan relay races that make everyone look silly, doing goofy things that will give everyone a good laugh, such as hopping on one foot, doing a crab crawl and jumping over low hurdles. You can also play tug-of-war or plan an epic game of dodge ball.