What Is Yag Eye Surgery?

By Brian Vaughan

A YAG eye surgery is corrective type of laser eye surgery performed to remove obstructions that may cause vision problems. This surgery is often necessary following cataract surgeries and is considered common.


Following cataract surgery, many patients develop a secondary scar tissue behind their lens implant. This tissue is what is removed during YAG eye surgery.


YAG eye surgeries are performed by first inserting dilating drops. Then, a small incision is created in the eye’s cloudy capsule to alleviate post-surgical blurriness.


YAG eye surgery procedures are of the outpatient variety and take only minutes to perform. Some patients will notice an immediate improvement in vision, while others may possibly need to wait days before observing the results.


To ensure that the surgery was successful, medical professionals examine the YAG eye surgery recipient following the procedure prior to releasing him.


The risks involved with YAG eye surgery are much less than that of a traditional cataract surgery. It is possible for the retina to become detached from the back of the eye during the procedure, but this is an extremely rare occurrence.

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