Will Sleeping With The Fan On Cause Arthritis?

Arthritis Basics

Arthritis is a common disease that targets the joints. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, nearly 46 million Americans live with some form of arthritis. All of the types can cause crippling pain in the hands, knees and all over the body. Symptoms of arthritis include swelling, stiffness of the joints and redness. Living with arthritis can be unpleasant, but while there is no cure for the condition, there are ways of alleviating the symptoms.

Causes of Arthritis

The causes of your arthritis will vary based on the kind of arthritis you have. Some common types of the disease, such as osteoarthritis, are caused by wear. The wear can result over time or from an injury. Other variations may be caused by genetic factors, age, or illness, such as gout or joint infections. Exposure to heat or cold has not been found to be a cause of arthritis.

Fan Use and Arthritis

According to Dr. William C. Shiel, in a MedicineNet.com article, research on the effects of temperature and pressure changes on arthritis is scarce. Shiel notes that changes in weather may affect arthritis symptoms, but these changes depend entirely on the person. In some cases, sleeping with a fan on may feel as though it is causing the ailment, but in reality, it may only be aggravating the symptoms of an already-present condition. If you experience pain after sleeping with the fan on, see a doctor.