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Burning and pain in the feet are common symptoms experienced by many people and can have a variety of causes 2. Foot pain can be brought on by something as simple as wearing socks that become too damp with perspiration and rub on your skin, or from a case of athlete's foot. Discovering things you can do to care for your feet by eliminating certain causes can help eradicate most instances of foot pain and burning or help you find a medical solution for the problem 2.


Sensitivities or allergies to sock fibers, chemicals or the materials that form the makeup of your shoes may be the cause of burning pains in the feet, according to 2.


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Aching feet may be the result of standing all day if you are overweight. Feet may become swollen or arches may be strained due to carrying excess weight.


Tight or ill-fitting shoes may cause painful burning sensations and aching pain in the feet, especially after standing in them all day 2.


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Socks that become sweaty and hot and are not changed often enough can cause foot pain due to friction. Socks made from natural fibers, such as silk, wool and cotton, may be less problematic because they allow dampness to wick away rather than collect around the feet.


Frostbite may be the result of exposing the feet to extremely cold conditions for long periods of time or of not covering feet with proper protection. The pain of frostbite is often characterized as stinging, numbing, burning, tingling and aching.


Peripheral neuropathies are common in people with diabetes and are responsible for a great deal of foot pain characterized by aching, stinging, burning and shooting sensations, according to CIDPUSA Foundation 1. These neuropathies are some of the early symptoms of diabetes experienced by those who are undiagnosed.

Circulatory Problems

Fungal Infections

Vitamin Deficiency

A vitamin B deficiency has been suggested as one possible cause of painful, aching and burning feet by the CIDPUSA Foundation 12. An Increase in vitamin B complex, especially B6, may be helpful for relieving this condition.

Neurological Disorders

According to, nerve entrapment and various neuromas, such as:

  • Morton’s neuroma
  • where nerves are pinched at the base of the toes
  • are neurological conditions whose symptoms are responsible for painful
  • aching feet with sharp
  • stabbing
  • burning sensations 2


Dilated blood vessels and capillaries occur in the feet and are caused by alcohol consumption. An increase in blood flow, according to the CIDPUSA Foundation, may be felt as burning pain in the feet and legs 12.