What Causes Gray Pubic Hair?

Gray hair is a sign of aging that impacts virtually everyone at some point. Gray hair can be caused by stress, a poor diet, hereditary factors and a decrease in melanocytes. Over time, hair on any part of the body can turn gray. Hence, although it may take longer than hair found elsewhere, your pubic hair can also ultimately change in color to gray.

Decrease of Melanocytes

The Professor House website notes that your hair turns gray and loses its natural color when hair follicles cease producing a pigment known as melanin. Melanin, or more specifically melanocytes, is what determine the color of your skin and hair. Age, genetics, stress, pollution and the use of chemicals can stop the production of melanin.

Hereditary Factors

The website Mother Nature reports that gray hair is often a predetermined genetic condition. Dr. Diana Bihova, M.D., is a clinical assistant professor of dermatology at New York University Medical Center in New York City. She says in Mother Nature, “There’s a very strong hereditary link with gray hair," adding, "If your family goes gray early, it’s very likely you will, too.”

Poor Diet

A lack of protein or a deficiency in Vitamin B12 has been associated with premature gray hair. A healthy and nourishing diet can potentially delay the development of graying hair.


It has long been debated whether or not stress is a cause of gray hair. Some medical professionals firmly believe there is a connection between premature gray hair and stress. Conversely, other doctors report that there is nothing to indicate prematurely graying hair is related to stress. Dr. Bihova says stress is not an origin of gray hair, unless anxiety becomes so serious that your supply of B vitamins is diminished.


The website Hair Finder notes that there is no evidence that smoking triggers premature graying. However, research has found smoking is linked to premature aging. Gray hair naturally develops as your body ages. Therefore, since smoking hastens your aging process, avoiding nicotine would be a logical way to slow the development of gray hair.