What are the Health Benefits of Sitopaladi Churna?

Sitopaladi churna is an ayurvedic medicine commonly used in India and surrounding countries. Like many herbal remedies, scientific validation of its effectiveness is currently lacking, but anecdotal claims of its safety and effectiveness date back generations. Sitopaladi churna can be purchased ready-made or prepared at home with fresh ingredients. Consult a practitioner of ayurvedic medicine or a naturopath about the potential health benefits and side effects of taking sitopaladi churna powder.

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Sitopaladi Churna

Sitopaladi churna powder is one of the most widely used ayurvedic herbal remedies for respiratory problems, according to the “PDR for Herbal Medicines.” It’s also known by the names sitopaladi choorna, choornam or chooran 1. The five ingredients of sitopaladi churna are cinnamon, cardamom, long pepper, bamboo shoots and powdered sugar. All the ingredients are dried and ground into a fine powder and combined in a ratio of 16 parts sugar, with 8 parts bamboo shoots, 4 parts cardamom, 2 parts cinnamon and 1 part pepper. Once mixed, the medicinal powder is kept in an airtight container to prevent oxidation. The mixture is considered by ayurvedic practitioners to be most potent within two months of preparation. When warranted, about 1 gram of the powder is usually combined with a teaspoon of honey and taken up to three times daily.

Potential Health Benefits

Sitopaladi churna has not been scientifically researched for its impact on human health. However, it's a popular Indian remedy for seasonal coughs and colds, and considered to be an effective bronchodilator and expectorant, which allows phlegm to be coughed up. Sitopaladi churna is also used to stimulate appetite, promote digestion, reduce sinus congestion and increase energy levels, according to “Herbs That Heal: Prescription for Herbal Healing. 2

Possible Indications

Within traditional ayurvedic medicine, sitopaladi churna is often given to suppress the coughing of various lung diseases, such as:

  • bronchitis
  • asthma
  • pneumonia
  • tuberculosis
  • lung cancer

However, it’s meant only for symptomatic relief, not as a cure for any respiratory ailments. Sitopaladi churna is thought to be safe for children, but consult your pediatrician before giving a child any herbal remedy.


Although sitopaladi churna is generally recognized as safe, some minor side effects are possible. Taking the herbal remedy on an empty stomach can lead to gastritis or stomach upset, so it should always be taken with food. Furthermore, cinnamon may impact blood glucose levels, so extra caution should be taken if you are diabetic.