What Are the Benefits of Seaweed for Skin?

Seaweed may be the bane of your existence during post-beach showers, but as a cosmetic ingredient, it can be surprisingly beneficial for your skin. Apart from its ultra-hydrating qualities, seaweed boasts anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. It's also packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and its anti-bacterial properties make it an ideal ingredient for fighting everything from acne to signs of aging (see reference 1). Use this all-natural ocean treasure to keep your skin looking youthful and radiant -- well beyond the beach.

The Scoop on Seaweed

To improve your skin tone, search for products containing nutrient-packed ascophyllum nodosom seaweed (see reference 2). Certain products that increase skin cell turnover, such as Mermaid Beauty Seaweed C-Serum, will ultimately help reduce sun damage and age spots, keeping your tone nice and even (see reference 2).
To take aim at redness, eczema or psoriasis, use a seaweed scrub or exfoliator, which are also usually mild enough for sensitive skin types (see reference 1). If your skin is in need of soothing after a long beach day, look for an anti-inflammatory seaweed gel (see reference 2). Women's Health magazine recommends Seaflora Therapeutic Firming Seaweed Gel based on its powerful combination of ocean ingredients: Laminaria seaweed heals, hydrates and calms skin, while rockweed seaweed can relieve muscles and joints after a taxing workout (see reference 2). The third type, iridaea seaweed, firms and tones skin and may even help reduce the appearance of cellulite by helping increase circulation (see reference 2).