What Are the Benefits of Magnesium Oil?

Magnesium is a beneficial mineral that offers a variety of healing effects, according to Shirley’s Wellness Café. Magnesium oil is a form of the mineral that may be used to rejuvenate the body and assist in healing certain ailments. It is important to supply your body with an adequate level of magnesium, as a deficiency may result in symptoms of anxiety, restless leg syndrome, sleep disorders, nausea, low blood pressure and weakness, among others. Consult your health care provider for complete information on magnesium oil and its benefits, as use and benefits may vary from individual to individual.

Skin Care

Magnesium oil provides various health benefits for the skin, according to NaturalHealingTools.com. One technique for effectively delivering skin care is by using the dry skin brushing technique, where magnesium oil is brushed on the skin with a vegetable bristle brush. This technique helps to stimulate and cleanse the skin, while removing old skin cells, stimulating blood flow and inducing the lymphatic system. Check with your dermatologist for side effects and benefits, as the use of magnesium oil for skin care may vary.

Muscle Relief

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In addition to using the skin brushing technique, you may also apply magnesium oil by spraying the oil on the skin for muscle aches and pains. According to NaturalHealingTools.com, spraying magnesium oil on certain parts of the body such as the thighs, abdomen and arms may help to relieve achy joints, muscle spasms and sore muscles. You can spray it on the affected areas and rub it into the skin as needed. The more you rub the oil into the skin, the more it will effectively absorb. Using magnesium oil for massage stimulates blood flow to the skin, as well as the underlying tissues. Further rubbing the oil into the skin enhances the absorption and distribution of the mineral to successfully relieve knots and spasms.

Hair Loss

Another use of magnesium oil is for treating hair loss, which may result in inflammation and calcium deposits in the hair follicles over time, according to WorldHairLoss.org. Use of magnesium oil may be beneficial for people who suffer from male pattern baldness, as calcification of the scalp constricts the blood supply to the hair follicles, causing reduced nutrient flow. Using magnesium oil effectively breaks up and dissolves calcium deposits by absorbing through skin membranes and into the bloodstream. You can apply the oil directly onto your scalp or massage it into thin areas of the skin and scalp in order to maximize absorption into your bloodstream. Consult your health-care provider for more information on magnesium oil for hair loss before using it directly on the skin or scalp.