Ways to Increase Semen

When your semen production is low, it can cause many unwanted problems which include decreased fertility, weaker orgasms and less sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner. Although frustrating, this situation can be rectified by making easy lifestyle changes such as wearing looser clothing, incorporating exercise and staying hydrated. Knowing where to start is the beginning; following through may get you the happy ending you are looking for.

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Refrain From Intercourse

According to IncreaseSemenGuide.com, it takes your body 24 to 36 hours to build its semen supply up after an ejaculation. During this time, it recycles any excess semen you have, allowing for a larger ejaculation the next time you have intercourse. If you have intercourse multiple times a day, or masturbate in between, you are not giving your testes time to recycle and increase your supply of semen. For every ejaculation you have, wait one or two days before engaging in intercourse or masturbation again.

Reduce the Heat

Excessive heat can reduce your sperm count. The experts at AmazingPregnancy.com state that taking a hot bath or using a sauna can have an effect on your swimmers. Therefore, to increase your semen, avoid using these items. It may also help to wear looser clothing, such as boxers rather than briefs. In addition, once you have finished taking a hot shower, place a cool cloth on your testicles. This helps increase your circulation, thus increasing your sperm supply.

Drink More Water

Water is essential for good health, as everyone knows. However people may not realize that it's necessary for sperm health as well. According to IncreaseSemenGuide.com, semen is composed of 98 percent water. Therefore, when you are dehydrated your sperm count will be lower. Their experts recommend drinking 64 ounces a day, more if you sweat a lot because of exercise or working in extremely hot conditions.

Begin Exercising

Participating in moderate cardiovascular exercise for 30 minutes a day can help increase the blood flow throughout your body. When more blood flows to your testicles, it results in a higher sperm count. Additionally, incorporating two to three days a week of light weightlifting can help boost your testosterone levels. The higher your testosterone, the greater the amount of semen your body produces.