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Best Ways to Sleep After a Shoulder Injury

By Sarka-Jonae Miller

A shoulder injury can be so painful that it interferes with your sleep. It also can make sleeping uncomfortable because it is hard to find a position that does not aggravate the pain. There are strategies to remedy this problem. Consult your physician for more ideas.

Sleep on Your Good Shoulder

An injured shoulder will benefit from rest. Sleep on your non-injured shoulder and use a pillow to support your injured side. This will take pressure off your sore shoulder, keep it in place and allow blood to flow to the shoulder easily, which aides in healing. You may need two pillows to support your arm in line with your injured shoulder. Sleeping on your injured shoulder will aggravate it, reduce blood flow and cause pain.

Special Pillows

A pillow made from Memory Foam, such as the Better Sleep pillow, will fully support your head and neck so that your arm will not become stuck under it. Blood will be able to flow to your shoulder, and you will be able to move your arm and shoulder easily. Such a pillow may be a good investment because even if you try to sleep on your non-injured shoulder, you may roll onto your other side during your sleep. Sleeping on your back or stomach will cause pain in your shoulder.

Other Aides

Ice and anti-flammatories help relieve shoulder pain. Icing your shoulder before bed and taking the right medication can help you sleep. Ask your doctor for suggestions about anti-inflammatories. Doing shoulder exercises and stretches daily also can help relieve pain and eventually help you sleep. A hot epsom salt bath before bed can dull your pain and help you relax so you can sleep better.

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