The Best Ways to Take Armour Thyroid

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Armour Thyroid is a natural, desiccated thyroid hormone medication made from the thyroid glands of pigs and is prescribed for patients with an underactive thyroid. It contains both T3 (liothyronine) and T4 (levothyroxine), the two main thyroid hormones. It also contains smaller amounts of T1, T2 and calcitonin. It is prescribed to maintain proper thyroid hormone balance in your body and is key to ensuring proper mental clarity, regulating body temperature, and making energy (metabolism). How you take Armour Thyroid, and what you take it with, affects how your body absorbs the necessary thyroid hormones.


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Armour Thyroid is available only by prescription. It is prescribed in the following dosages: ¼ grain, ½ grain, 1 grain, 1-1/2 grain, 2 grain, 3 grain, 4 grain, and 5 grain. Grains can be split for proper dosage throughout the day.


iKim Nedrow/Demand Media

Armour Thyroid is usually prescribed in two doses per day to maintain consistent T3 levels. However, some prescriptions may require one dose a day or three doses a day. Armour Thyroid is taken orally-either swallowed whole or dissolved in the mouth.

Upon rising in the morning, take your first dose of Armour Thyroid one hour before your first meal of the day. It is best absorbed on an empty stomach. If you have eaten, wait two hours after eating to take Armour Thyroid. You may take selenium, zinc, and Vitamin C at the same time. Selenium and zinc help convert T4 into T3, the active thyroid hormone. According to Mary Shoman, taking Vitamin C with Armour Thyroid may help reduce TSH levels, which is beneficial if your TSH levels are high. Multivitamins are acceptable to take now if they do not include iron or calcium.

Two to four hours after taking your first dose of Armour Thyroid, you may take iron (or a multivitamin that includes iron), calcium (or calcium-fortified juice) or antacids. These prevent the maximum absorption of your thyroid hormone replacement therapy and should not be ingested with Armour Thyroid.

At least two hours after lunch or one hour before dinner, take your second dose of Armour Thyroid. If you have split your supplement doses up as well or missed your morning supplements, take your selenium, zinc, and Vitamin C now.

If you take an evening dose of iron, calcium or antacids, remember to take these supplements two to four hours after your last Armour Thyroid dose.