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Vemma Liquid Nutrition

The Vemma Nutrition Program, the brainchild of marketing whiz and Vemma founder B.K. Boreyko, features several dietary supplements packed with various vitamins and minerals, including antioxidants. At the heart of every Vemma nutritional supplement is mangosteen juice. Mangosteen is a fruit native to parts of Asia containing xanthones, which are powerful antioxidants. Mangosteen juice products are primarily sold through network marketers, such as Vemma. As a dietary supplement, Vemma products are not regulated by the FDA, so talk to your doctor before taking them.

Vemma Mangosteen Plus

The basic ingredients for all Vemma products are a combination of reconstituted mangosteen juice, mangosteen fruit extract, aloe vera leaf and decaffeinated green tea. Talk to your doctor about the ingredients in this supplement before taking it. Be advised that aloe vera, when taken internally, can have a laxative effect and should not be taken internally if you are pregnant, have kidney or heart disease, or stomach problems. According to, Mangosteen Plus also contains 12 vitamins, including vitamins A, C, D, E and all eight B vitamins. A 2 tbsp. serving of Mangosteen Plus contains 20 calories and 5 g of carbs from sugar.

Vemma Thirst

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Vemma Thirst is made from the same standard formula of reconstituted mangosteen juice and extract with green tea and aloe vera, as other Vemma supplements. It also contains some electrolytes and amino acids, according to the Vemma website. Vemma says Thirst is meant for folks of all ages who lead a physical, active lifestyle and that it contains all the nutrients needed daily, but consult your doctor before giving it to a child. One packet is mixed with 16 oz. of cold water to make one serving, which contains 80 calories, 20 g of carbs in the form of sugar, 110 mg of sodium and 50 mg of potassium.

Vemma Verve

Verve is Vemma's energy drink, which contains the basic Vemma formula of vitamins and other nutrients along with a jolt of caffeine. Verve is available as an 8.3 oz. drink and a smaller 3 oz. energy shot, with 72 calories and 18 g sugar in one can of Verve and 48 calories and 12 g of sugar in a 3 oz. Verve energy shot. Sugar-free Verve drink and energy shot versions are available, which are sweetened with sucralose, or Splenda, Both sugar-free Verve products contain 4 calories, with 1 g carbohydrate. All Vemma products contain selenium, choline and D-ribose. Verve contains guarana seed extract and taurine.

Vemma Next

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Next is a Vemma nutritional supplement specifically formulated for children ages 2 to 12 years old. However, you should never give your child any dietary supplement unless advised to do so by your pediatrician. Vemma's Next does contain aloe leaf gel, which AltMD says should only be given to children under medical supervision, and any product containing aloe vera for internal use should be used with caution. Next contains 36 calories in each 2 oz. bottle, along with 8 g of sugar. This product also contains quercetin and the healthy omega-3 fatty acid DHA.