Vaginal Hair Removal Products

There are several products available to remove the hair that grows around your vaginal opening, more commonly known as the pubic region. What you choose to use to remove the hair down there will depend upon your skin sensitivity, available time and pain threshold. After considering all your options, you may decide that going the natural route isn't so bad.


Shaving the bikini area is a popular method of hair removal because it is simple, fast and inexpensive. You have many options for a razor, including electric or manual, single blade or multi-blade, razors with built-in shaving balm and razors with very small heads to fit in delicate areas. One of the drawbacks of shaving is that hair regrows fairly quickly, usually within a few days. You may also have problems with ingrown hairs and coarse hair causing irritating stubble.


As the Palo Alto Medical Foundation points out, tweezing is generally reserved for stray hairs and not large areas 1. Using tweezers to remove hair from your entire genital region would not only be painful, but it would also be very time consuming. If, however, you find one or two stray hairs that you missed while shaving or using another hair removal product, a pair of tweezers may be just what you need.

Chemical Depilatories

Depilatory creams or lotions break down and dissolve hair. If you decide to use a chemical depilatory on your pubic region, be sure to purchase one that is specifically formulated for use on that area. It is also wise to test the product on a small area at least 24 hours prior to full use to be sure you aren't allergic or sensitive to the ingredients. Since chemical depilatories can be messy, consider sitting in the bathtub while you wait for it to do its work. This is also a good way to contain the odor of a chemical depilatory, which some consider offensive.

Wax or Wax Strips

Many women opt to wax their bikini area or upper pubic region at home, but a full-area wax, also called a Brazilian wax, can be difficult to manage on your own and is best left to a trained professional if you plan to go completely hairless. This method of hair removal pulls the entire hair and root out, which can sometimes be painful, particularly if you have sensitive skin. Forgo waxing if you have a sunburn, rash or any kind of wound in your pubic area.