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Uses of the Neem Flower

The neem tree is an evergreen tree, related to the mahogany tree, found in India, Burma and Pakistan. Neem flowers have a variety of uses, including aromatherapy, cosmetics, health remedies and cooking. The neem tree is known in India as the “village pharmacy” since every part of the tree, from the bark to the flowers, can be used for various alternative medicinal purposes, says Although neem is a popular source of alternative medical remedies, there isn’t enough verified medical evidence to support the effectiveness of neem as a health remedy of any kind. Talk to your doctor before trying to treat any symptoms with neem tree products.

Aromatherapy and Cosmetics

Aromatherapy practitioners consider neem flower oil an essential oil due to its calming and relaxing effect on the body. Neem flower oil and extracts are used in aromatherapy treatments and a variety of cosmetics, including massage oils, creams and astringents.

Health Remedies

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Neem flowers are dried, aged for months, fried and ingested to improve eyesight and treat disgestive disorders, including excessive bile, phlegm and intestinal worms. Practitioners of alternative medicine also mix neem flowers with other parts of the neem tree to treat blood problems, leprosy, itching and other skin conditions. Currently, there is insufficient evidence to support the effectiveness of neem as a health remedy of any kind.


Neem flowers are known for improving digestive health and are used in Indian cooking. Neem flowers are available in fresh, dry or powder form. They are roasted, boiled and fried for use in sauces and rice dishes. Neem honey, also used in cooking, is extracted from neem flowers.