How to Use Sweet Oil for Ear Wax Removal

You are supposed to have a certain amount of wax in your ears. This is to protect your ears from an excess of moisture that can lead to infections. Ear wax normally migrates toward the outside of your ear, taking with it any dirt and dust in your ears. Sometimes, there is a buildup of wax in the ear canal. This can cause earaches, headaches, even hearing problems. Sweet oil can be used for painless ear wax removal.

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How to Use Sweet Oil for Ear Wax Removal

Heat the bottle of sweet oil in a cup of hot water. The heat from the sweet oil will soothe the inside of the ear canal. Sweet oil can be purchased at your local pharmacy.

Tilt your head and let four or five drops fall into the ear canal. This will loosen the wax in your ears. Keep your head tilted until you feel the oil sliding down the inside of your ear.

Place a cotton ball in your ear. Make sure that you don’t press it into your ear. The cotton ball will keep the oil from leaking out of your ear.

Wait a couple of hours for the wax to become loosened from the inside of your ears. It is possible that it will take more than one application of the sweet oil to get the ear wax properly loosened.

Fill the bulb with warm water and gently squeeze into your ear. The warm water flushing through the canal should finish releasing the wax, allowing for an easy exit from the ear. Make sure that your head is over the sink so that when the water comes out it, will go in the sink, not on the floor. Wipe your ear off with a towel.


Sweet oil is not the only oil that can be used to remove ear wax. Tea tree oil, mineral oil, olive oil and baby oil can also be used. There is a procedure called ear candling that can be used to remove ear wax build up. It involves sticking a cone in your ear and lighting it up like a candle. The heat is supposed to work like a vacuum and draw the wax out of your ears. This can be done by professionals, but the Food and Drug Administration does not recommend the practice because of the possibility of serious burns to the head.


Never stick Q-tips, bobby pins ot paper clips into the ear canal. They can push the wax up against the eardrum, further compacting it. Go to a doctor if the above steps don’t work. The doctor might have to suction the wax out.