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How to Unclog the Inner Ear

By Valencia Higuera ; Updated July 27, 2017

Pressure from fluid or mucus buildup in the inner ear can trigger congestion. Signs of ear congestion include pressure, tinnitus and hearing problems. A clogged ear is common with colds, allergic reactions and sinus infections. And if left untreated, fluid in the ears can result in a painful ear infection. But fortunately, there are ways to get quick relief and unclog the ear.

Stand in the bathroom with the shower running. Close the bathroom door, turn on the hot water and stay in the room for 10 to 20 minutes to help dissolve or thin mucus or fluid in the inner ear. The steam moistens the air and helps "pop" the ear.

Use a humidifier to improve symptoms. Like a hot shower, a home humidifier increases air moisture and helps dissolve congestion in the inner ear.

Try an over-the-counter medication. Start with a decongestant to break up congestion in the inner ear. If this doesn't work, use an antihistamine. Allergies can cause inner-ear clogging.

Swallow to open the inner ears. Repeatedly drinking and swallowing liquids balances pressure in the inner ear and helps pop the ears. Keep a glass of water nearby and drink often to alleviate ear congestion.

Chew gum, or yawn repeatedly. The motion of moving your jaw up and down or from side to side opens the eustachian tube and remedies pressure in the ears.

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