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How to Unclog Ears From Congestion Naturally

By Kathryn Milner ; Updated July 27, 2017

It can’t get any worse. You’re sick, feeling run down, and now you can hardly hear. It’s not so uncommon. Many who suffer from the common cold develop ear congestion that can be painful and make hearing difficult. While there is no cure for the common cold, there are many natural solutions for ear congestion that are inexpensive and can be made in your home.

Breathe It In

  1. Measure two cups water, pour in to bowl. Microwave water on high temperature setting for three minutes. Water must be boiling hot. Place bowl of boiling water on table.

  2. Sit down directly in front of the boiling water. Place a towel over the head, to cover the eyes.

  3. Inhale the steam from boiling water for a minimum five minutes. Steam assists melting the ear wax or mucus, and can also relieve pressure associated with clogged ears.

  4. Repeat this treatment as desired. The ears should be unclogged within two to three treatments.

Hydrogen Bubble and Unclog

  1. Measure 3 tbsp. water, pour into bowl. Microwave water on high temperature setting for 35 seconds. Water must be warm, not boiling hot.

  2. Measure 3 tbsp. hydrogen peroxide, dispense into bowl of warm water. Hydrogen peroxide not only kills the rhinovirus that is associated with the cold that is most likely the clogged ear’s culprit, but helps the wax or mucus to become dislodged from the ear canal, thus unclogging the ears.

  3. Lie down on the opposite side of clogged ear. Dispense two to three drops of hydrogen peroxide water into ear. The solution will begin to produce bubbling; this is good. Allow the solution to sit for 15 minutes undisturbed.

  4. Place the plastic cup over ear with hydrogen peroxide water inside of it. Tilt the head to the side, allowing the peroxide to drain from the ear. Allow a minimum three minutes for ear to drain.

  5. Repeat this treatment as many times as needed daily. The ears should become unclogged after two to three treatments.

  6. Tip

    Allowing the shower to run on hot temperature setting produces a great amount of steam. Close the bathroom door and inhale the steam radiating from the shower. This may help unclog the ears.


    Always consult your primary physician about clogged ears for further diagnosis. While many ears are clogged from the common cold, serious infections can also cause symptoms such as clogged ears.

    Always allow hot contents a minimum three minutes to cool before removing from microwave to avoid burning of the fingers and hands. Keep hydrogen peroxide out of reach of children. If consumed, consult poison control Immediately. Failure to do so may be fatal.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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