Types of Eye Shapes

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Our eyes are very expressive and important. They give us the sense of sight and help us express emotions and feelings. Eyes have different colors and shapes. According to the physical eye shape, eyes can be almond shaped, oval shaped or round shaped. According to the eye placement, eyes can be: hooded, droopy, wide-set, close-set, deep-set, prominent and standard. Also, according to the eye dimension, there are small, big or standard eyes.

Hooded Eyes

The hooded eyes, also called sleepy eyes, have the eyelid totally covered by the brow line (the section of the eyelid that runs along the eyebrow). This "hood" does not allow the crease to be visible. The crease is the dip underneath the brow bone. The brow bone is located halfway between the brow line and the lash line (section of the eyelid that runs along the eye lashes).

Droopy Eyes

When the eyes slope down at the outer corners, they are considered to be droopy eyes. They are also referred to as "sad puppy dog eyes" and they offer the face a sad look.

Wide-Set/Close-Set Eyes

The distance between standard eyes is equal to the width of one eye. When the distance between the eyes is bigger, the eyes are considered wide-set. When the distance between the eyes is smaller, the eyes are considered close-set.

Deep-Set Eyes

When the brow bone is extended farther out than other types and the eyes are sunken into the socket, the eyes are considered deep-set.

Prominent Eyes

When the eyelids and eyes are very full and tend to extend from the face, the eyes are considered prominent. This shape is also called "goldfish eyes."

Standard Eyes

The eyes are considered standard when the lid is visible and has the same dimension from one side to the other, the corners of the eyes are aligned, the distance between the eyes is not bigger or smaller than the width of one eye and the eye is not sunken or extended. The non-standard eyes have one or more of the shapes described. For example, one might have small round hooded deep-set eyes, while other might have just droopy eyes.