How to Treat Warts With Chlorine Bleach

Warts are small tumors located beneath the skin, typically found on hands and feet. While not detrimental to your health, they can become quite painful and contagious. There are many over-the-counter solutions for removing warts, as well as many controversial home remedies. Such do-it-yourself remedies include duct tape or apple cider vinegar. This guide will show you how to use a bleach treatment to rid yourself of unsightly warts.

Thoroughly clean and dry the effected area.

Use a pumice scraper to remove any dead skin.

Dip the head of a Q-tip in chlorine bleach. Apply it to your wart 1.

After swabbing the wart, cover it with a bandage.

Repeat Steps 3 and 4 two to three times a day. The wart should start to shrink and eventually disappear.


It may take several weeks for the wart to be completely removed.


Avoid getting the bleach on any other part of your body.