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How to Treat Tinnitus Without Drugs

By Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017

Tinnitus is annoying and masks other audible sounds by raising baseline noise. It can lead to sleep loss, isolation and other health problems. If it lasts for more than a few hours, it warrants attention. Tinnitus remedy without drugs is doable.

Schedule an appointment with an ENT (ear nose and throat doctor). He will be able to work on determining the cause of the problem. Often your general practitioners will check for wax build-up then refer you to an audiologist, which is not the next step to take.

Once the ENT has made the determination of cause ruling out allergies, high blood pressure, stress or other factors you may then be directed to an audiology examination to determine if there is hearing loss.

If the tinnitus is not caused by nerve damage, there are other ways to deal with it without creating a drug dependency. Neck exercises such as rotating the head in a circle slowly can help eustachian tubes drain correctly removing pressure. Relaxation techniques and visualization can also reduce the ringing.

Wear hearing protection to reduce tinnitus. Sounds louder than 80 decibels are considered potentially dangerous. Today we have many sources of sound levels greater than 80 decibels which can cause tinnitus.

Here are some common sounds and their estimated decibel levels:

Extremely Loud 110 dB = music, rock, rap with base 106 dB = drum rolls 100 dB = snowmobiles, chain saws, skill saws, pneumatic tools 90 dB = lawnmowers, shop tools, truck traffic, subway

Very Loud

80 dB = alarm clock, busy street 70 dB = city traffic, vacuum cleaners 60 dB = conversations, quiet dishwasher


50 dB = steady rain 40 dB = quiet room


30 dB = whispering conversation

Use this guide to raise your exposure awareness to damaging sounds. There are natural tinnitus remedies available. Tinnitus cures are no longer restricted to a lifetime of prescription medications. Please refer to the resources listed below for obtaining tinnitus relief.

Please check out my blog listed under resources on how to improve vision naturally. We don't need prescriptions for our bodies.


Try to use neck exercises by rotating the head slowly in circles reversing directions Visualization and relaxation techniques are shown to help to reduce tinnitus Reduce caffeine intake Get enough sleep Read an e-book about natural cures for tinnitus


Don't get duped into a lifetime of drug treatments with side-effects Keep healthy sodium levels in your diet Be aware of sounds greater than 80 Db to prevent aggravation of symptoms Tinnitus cures exist in most cases

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