How to Treat Second Degree Burns

It's not uncommon for people to be burned mildly here and there throughout life. However, second degree burns are much more serious and must be treated immediately.

How to Treat Second Degree Burns

Soak the burn. Immediately after the skin has been burned, it is important to soak the burn in cool water for at least 15 minutes. Keep clean, cool wash cloths on the burn throughout the day.

Put on an antibiotic cream. Creams or ointments will help to treat the burn and control the pain. Apply the cream as soon as the burn has finished soaking in cold water.

Cover the burn. In order to treat a second degree burn, cover it with a dry, nonstick cloth such as gauze. Secure the gauze with tape, and replace the dressing with a clean one every day.

Wash the burn every day. It is important to keep a second degree burn clean as it heals to aid with treatment. Wash the burn and reapply antibiotic cream every day.

Look for infection. To treat a second degree burn, you must make sure that the area does not become infected. Look for signs such increased pain, redness, swelling or pus. Also avoid breaking an blisters to avoid infection.

Take a pain reliever. Second degree burns are painful, and taking a pain reliever will help treat the symptoms of a second degree burn.

Get medical help. If the burn covers a large area, treat the burn using the steps above. Seek medical help to treat the burn.


Remember that the burn will be sensitive for up to a year. Do not scratch the burn even if it itches and do not expose the burn to sunlight.