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How to Treat a Burn and Stop the Burning

It happens so fast. You touch a hot pot; you get too close to the oven; you splash boiling water and suddenly you have a nasty burn. After running the burned skin under cool water, the burning pain remains. Now what do you do? Follow this quick, easy method and you will not only find that the burning stops, but the healing will take less time as well.

Immediately after burning yourself, run the burned area under cool water. Don't make it too cold or you can further injure your damaged skin. Gently dry the area. Crack open a raw egg and lightly spread egg white over the burn. It will act like a liquid band-aid. Let it dry. If the burning continues, repeat the spreading of egg white over the burned area. The dried egg white will be a barrier to oxygen which is what causes the burning feeling, but it will continue to let the wound "breathe" which is necessary to healing.

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Do not cover the burn with a band-aid. Leave the egg white on overnight. If you need to wash the affected area, just reapply the egg white and leave on until the burn no longer hurts when exposed to air, which is usually less than 24 hours.

To reduce scarring, once the burning stops wash the egg white off and apply Vitamin E. Squeeze or cut open a Vitamin E capsule. (Be sure you don't squish the capsule too hard and spray its contents everywhere.) Apply the liquid inside of it directly on the burn. Now you can cover the burn with a band-aid or leave it open to the air, whichever you choose.

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Reapply Vitamin E to the burn whenever it dries out or rubs off. Continue this until the redness is gone or the wound is healed.


Do not use petroleum jelly, butter or any other oily substance on your burn. You don't want to smother the wound. It needs some air to heal.


In the event of severe burns, see a doctor.