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How to Treat Bronchitis with Home Remedies

By Contributor ; Updated July 27, 2017

Using home remedies for bronchitis treatment can help reduce inflammation in the lungs. When inflammation hits the lungs, caused from a virus, it can make breathing difficult. Bronchitis symptoms are wheezing, coughing, struggling to breath, chest pains, and coughing up mucus. When you cough, you feel it coming from the lungs and chest. You'll feel a burning sensation. So discovering signs of bronchitis is pretty easy. It's different from a common cold, although a cold can contribute to acute bronchitis. Causes of bronchitis can be smoking, or colds and flues. Bronchitis is contagious, so it spreads from one person to another. There are home remedies that can treat bronchitis. Those with chronic bronchitis, where its an on going condition, should see a doctor. Home remedies might help with your chronic bronchitis, but these home remedies are to treat acute bronchitis.

  1. Drink green tea with chamomile. Green tea is antibacterial and kills viruses in the body. It also helps boost your immune system. You'll definitely want to drink tea, hot tea. Some green teas has chamomile in it also. Try to find a green tea with chamomile. You can just drink a chamomile tea as well. Chamomile tea helps cure bronchitis and common colds as well. One or the other, or both will help.

  2. Using tea tree oil to treat bronchitis. Tea tree oil is anti-viral, which will kill the virus. You can use tea tree oil as a herbal medicine. Here is what you do. Take a few drops, rub it on your chest. Then boil water, and then poor the boiled water in a cup. Put 2-3 three drops of tea tree oil in the boiled water. Cover with a paper towel. Then inhale the steam. Tea tree oil can instantly help cure an illness, flu, or cold. Do not take tea tree oil by mouth at all. Results can cause illness. A lot of essential oils are anti-viral.

  3. Use honey to treat bronchitis. Honey is not only so delicious, but it's extremely healthy. So healthy, that it helps protect the immune system. Honey is anti-viral and anti-bacterial. Put honey into your tea. A teaspoon of honey is recommended to help relieve bronchitis symptoms.

  4. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink a lot of water. Don't drink caffeine or alcohol, since that can lead to dehydration. Sucking on ice chips can reduce inflammation as well. Ice is good for and you can even eat ice cream. You shouldn't eat much solid foods. Stick with eating soups and ice creams. Nothing beats grandma's homemade chicken noodle soup.

  5. Keep warm. It is best to keep yourself warm, and breath in warm air when suffering from bronchitis. Also rest yourself, don't try to do too much. Lay down on the couch, or bed. Take a day off. Get a big, warm blanket and just rest yourself. You'll reduce your symptoms and you'll be back on your feet in no time.

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Brought to you by LIVESTRONG
Brought to you by LIVESTRONG

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