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How to Tighten Tendons

By Contributing Writer

The tendons are tough, yet flexible fibrous tissue that connects the muscle to the bone. Tendons may be damaged by infection, stress, or repetitive movement. After recuperation from an injury, tissues are replaced with a more durable cellular matter, making the tendons stronger, tighter, and more capable of enduring stress. However, this may not happen in all cases, especially if there is scarring from severe damage. If you have suffered from tendon damage, it is important to know what techniques are available to improve tendon integrity, strengthen the area, and make tendons more durable.

Step 1

Perform stretching exercises. Specific exercises are indicated depending on the target area. This preconditioning technique helps the muscles and tendons adjust before any strenuous exercise, while preventing injury.

Step 2

Start a regular exercise routine. By being mobile most of the time, muscles, tendons, ligaments are toned up, preventing atrophy.

Step 3

Undergo a prolotherapy procedure. This treatment helps in cellular proliferation, making the tendons stronger, tighter, and bigger. Your doctor performs this procedure by injecting dextrose in your bone. The dextrose causes inflammation and the healing process makes the surrounding tissues stronger.

Step 4

Eat a nutritious diet. A healthy balanced diet is reflected by your anatomical integrity. In cases of injury, diet plays a vital role in speeding up the healing process by making the vitamins and minerals available for tissue regeneration.

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