The Calories in Cinnamon Rolls

While a small cinnamon roll can be relatively easy to fit into a healthy diet as an occasional indulgence, the extra-large, frosting-covered options can contain almost half of your daily calorie allotment. A mini roll can give you a taste of this treat without all of the calories.

Roll Call

Those huge cinnamon rolls available in the mall can contain as many as 880 calories each, so these are best shared with a friend or two. Fast-food cinnamon rolls contain about half as many calories, with 418, as long as you don't get the "deluxe" version, which is larger and thus higher in calories. The mini version only contains 101 calories per roll. Opt for a tube of ready-to-bake cinnamon rolls at the supermarket, and each frosted roll will have about 145 calories. You can make healthier versions at home using part whole-wheat flour to increase the fiber, and each roll will have about 180 calories.