The Best Way to Take Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is one of the most essential vitamins within the B-vitamin family. Many doctors and natural health care practitioners use vitamin B12 to help seriously ill or weak patients. This vitamin works best when taken with other B-vitamins, but it can also work very well taken alone.The best way to take vitamin B12 really depends on the person and his needs so I am going to address different needs.


Vitamin B12 shots are used by doctors to give a specific dose of this vitamin to their patients. This is needed when a person has poor digestion or other health problems, making it difficult to absorb vitamin B12. The shot is concentrated and administered directly into the bloodstream. This method of treatment is quite effective, but it is not the best method for everyone. These shots can only be administered by a doctor.


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Vitamin B12 can also be taken in liquid form. This method is great for people who may have a few digestive issues, but they don’t have serious health problems to warrant a prescription. If a person is worried about absorption, then taking liquid vitamin B12 is the best option to ensure that the right level of nutrients is received.


Vitamin B12 can be taken in pill form either combined with a multi-vitamin, other B-vitamins or by itself. Pills tend to take longer to dissolve in the body so this method is best for people who are healthy and have a normal digestive system. A person with a truly healthy digestive system will have three bowel movements per day. In order to promote a healthy digestive system, a person can take probiotic supplements and take steps to become regular.


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There are many benefits of taking Vitamin B12 a specific way. Liquid vitamins are generally the best for most people because of the absorption rate, but if you are a person who needs to ensure that you get the right dosage then B12 shots are the best. If you suffer from anemia, fibromaliyga or any other health problems, the shots will probably be the best option for you. Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin for energy.


In order to really feel the effect of vitamin B12, the dosage should be 50 mg or higher. In some cases, the shots have very high doses, but this is because these shots are meant for specific health problems. The results can clearly be seen soon after a shot because a person will notice a big difference in how he feels right away. Most pills and liquid supplements contain adequate levels of vitamin B12.